Beautiful Realness


Today is another beautiful day in New York City. As I prepare for the day I can only begin to think of all the beautiful people I am going to see today. New York beauty is so different from other urban environments. People in New York have a beauty that is indescribable. The best way I can formulate it in words is by calling it, “Beautiful Realness.”

As a native New Yorker I believe I learned what beauty was by the many billboards, and bus and train ads where beauty is defined in a very superficial way. However, when you walk the streets of New York you begin to see the beauty in the city and the people that live here. Each person has a uniqueness and realness about themselves. New York is a melting pot of style and realness. New Yorkers in my opinion understand the art of creating individual style and most times doing naturally without thought.

New York style is real. From jeans and t-shirts to couture it’s the city where the concept of high-low originated. Piecing an expensive item of clothing with a low priced item is a common trend in New York. It’s the combination of the clothing with a not so clean-cut or un-shaven look for man and lite make-up, almost natural and hair pulled back in a pony-tail for a woman is when true beauty comes to the surface. However, it’s the confidence and attitude New Yorkers possess that is so attractive and one reason why I love being an active participant in the city the world calls, New York.

When you are able to experience and see people be who they want to be, dress how they want to dress and look how they want to look, this can be very different from what we’ve been brainwashed to think is attractive or beautiful. In my opinion it’s, “Beautiful Realness.”