Chat n Chew

Chat n Chew

Have you recently met someone on Saturday night and planned a pre-date brunch? Looking for a popular yet no frills restaurant? Not sure what type of food your pre-date may like, why not go for something Hearty and American?

Consider Chat ‘n’ Chew for your next pre-date brunch. You may be asking yourself what is a pre-date. As most of you all know by now planning a date takes imagination and creativity to make it an experience. The pre-date is a date that requires less planning and low-budget because it’s the opportunity to discover if your Mr. or Ms Saturday night is dating material. Use this time wisely because once the bill is paid the pre-date is over.

The relaxed atmosphere at Chat ‘n’ Chew is sure to make you and your pre-date comfortable. Comfortable enough to open up and chat while you chew on some good grub.

I’ve found it’s best to arrive between 12:30 – 1:00 p.m. otherwise the wait is likely to be long. Now, even though you might have a small wait, the kitschiness of the whole experience is worth it and you’re not going to be kicked out if you linger a little.

You’re going to find a menu that is chock full of American homestyle fare, which includes some amazing mac & cheese also known as “The Quintessential Mac & Cheese” and the popular “Miss Patty’s Chicken Sammy.” If you’re looking for it all, the “Thanksgiving On a Roll” is an interesting option.

Some have said it takes some time to get your food but all the better, because you can simmer into a long chat. The staff tends to be friendly and outgoing. The food is quite good and when the bill arrives it won’t break the bank.

Chat ‘n’ Chew
10 East 16th Street
New York, NY 10003
Btwn Union Square West & 5th Avenue