Date Smart…Date For Success


What does Dating Smart…Dating for Success truly mean? If you’re having difficulty responding, you’re not alone.

Recently I received an email from a reader who asked me to clarify the true meaning of “dating smart… dating for success.”

This statement is a motto I created to empower others. It’s also meant to act as a reminder to my readers that dating can be a positive experience if they are willing to fully commit to the process of dating. When completely committed to the process you begin to date with purpose. You quickly identity your dating identity (see Dating Identity post) which gives you the ability to “date smart.” It’s the desire to date smart that forces you to ask the right questions, make better choices, and the ability to view dating as more of an experience rather than the means to a relationship.

Oftentimes “dating for success” is confused with the outcome of a particular situation. However, “YOU” determine the overall success! Whether you’re looking for a casual, open, or committed relationship, the true success is not about the end result. Success is never being discouraged or fearful to continue to date until you find what you are looking for.

Date Smart… Date for Success!