DJ Relentless Speaks Music


Last month I had the opportunity to check out the spring line of UrbanLand Media while visiting New York City. And it got me thinking about what’s in store for us on the music front. There are lots of singles being released, but what will last until summer.

Madonna’s new release, “MDNA” has definitely made a splash. Although the title and promotions for the second single, “Girl Gone Wild” took a turn towards the drug culture when she appeared in Miami and asked the crowd had they seen “Molly” (lingo for the drug ecstasy), I know that Madge has a lot more up her sleeve since she has kinda declared war on Lady GaGa with her “reductive” comment. There’s no way she is gonna just sit around as GaGa is planning to do a duet with Cher. I also got a copy of the deluxe release of the CD. Interesting choices in material. I’m not so sure that a woman over 50 should be placating to the teen and twenty-something crowd. Apparently, DJ/Producer/Artist, Deadmau5 didn’t care too much for her reference to “Molly” and took to his twitter page to complain. But I must say the Dave Aude Dub of “Girl Gone Wild” is my pick for my floor. The album pick, “Gang Bang” sounds like it would be of a sexual nature (which would not be new for Madonna), but it is actually about killing an unfaithful lover. Perhaps she was inspired after listening to the Mel Gibson tapes.

Normally, I shy away from Teen Pop. Acts like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and the new British sensation boy band, One Direction are completely off my radar. But it amazes me how even the college students and gay community gravitate to these acts and are dead serious when they come up to request them. I mean…it’s bad enough that they have their songs on their iPods and phones so they can listen to them all day at work and school, but now they want to come to the club and bug the DJ to play tracks that are really only fit for Disney Radio. So, nothing surprised me more than when I got sucked into a track called “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. It’s extremely catchy and the make-shift music video that Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale really helped get the buzz out there. But now that she is officially signed, she has a legitimate video complete with a super hunk.

Now that Bieber is of age, he seems to be moving towards the Justin Timberlake path. His new single “Boyfriend” is okay. Perhaps the remixes might make me like it better or if Mr. Bieber does an extremely different video it might make me stop thinking of him as a child act. But this will be a slippery slope for him. How to balance your teen fans and start being taken seriously as a young adult artist. Or maybe his track with Far East Movement, “Live My Life” might help. But so far, this track and LMFAO’s “Sorry For Party Rocking” have not done well on my floor. Infact they both have cleared my floor.

And speaking of Teen Pop, the new British Invasion is here. One Direction came to Toronto and I had no idea who the hell they were. Believe or not I actually thought it was a name of one of those religious places where they send young gays to reform them into heterosexual lifestyles. Apparently they a Simon Cowell creation from the UK version of X-Factor. Good for them….but all the comparisons to The Beatles….really??!! These boys will be forgotten in the next 2 years. There is no way they will have an impact on music like The Beatles. So, I am begging the entertainment press….please stop it!

But I will tell you what I am loving these days……the new Amy Winehouse album, “Lioness: Hidden Treasures”. I always appreciated her genius, but this album is just a sad reminder of what we lost. Covers like “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” and “The Girl From Ipanema” makes me smile because she really did represent a time gone by. While tracks like “Best Friends, Right?” and “Like Smoke” showcase her skills and chops. God, I miss her.

Another track that is really making an impact on my floor is “Let’s Go” by Calvin Harris featuring NeYo. I noticed that he made sure to put his name first this time. On “We Found Love” his name was after Rihanna’s and no one ever used his name to request it.