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I have to say that this is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s June and Pride Season is upon us. And with President Obama’s announcement that he supports Gay Marriage, a real sense of change is in the air. Sure it has polarized the issue and divided many across the country, but at least the conversation has begun on a national level and this time Gay Rights are gonna play big in the election for a good reason (as opposed to when Bush and the Republicans used the Gays to distract from an unnecessary war). Boy…I can’t wait for Obama and Romney to hit the debates. This is gonna be a slaughter! But enough of politics….for now. Let’s get to what we came here for….music.

First up, let’s talk about a new single I got in my digital pool by Lady GaGa called “Real Cool”. When I listened to it, I was kinda excited. It was different and it was downtempo. It didn’t sound as contrived as a lot of her more recent releases. But after doing a little investigating, I discovered that it is a leaked demo from 2006. I did also receive the Tyler Nelson Dub of “Goverment Hooker”. Good, but not enough vocals to satisfy the GaGa Headz out there.

And speaking of GaGa Headz…they are plenty pissed these days since another leaked recording made the rounds on websites and YouTube of Madonna’s rehearsal in Israel which was a mash-up medley of “Express Yourself”, “Born This Way” and “She’s Not Me”. They feel that Madge has gone too far. Making comments that she is a has-been who’s upset because her new album is about to fall out of Billboard’s Top 200. Hey, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There would not be a Lady GaGa without a Madonna. They both pimped the music industry by copying other artists and exploiting gay culture. The only difference is probably how it was done. In Madonna’s day she used MTV and the music video to reinvent herself. Today, Lady GaGa has the internet which travels much faster. But to both of their dismay, today’s audience is overstimulated with too much information to hold on. And like Jay Z’s hit said….”On To The Next One”.

Back in February, I spun for a lesbian crowd at a spot in Toronto called “The Flying Beaver”. It was an very interesting night, because I tried a social experiment. I played some songs that they knew, but with hype men like Fatman Scoop and Lil’ Jon sampled in them. This mainly white lesbian crowd cleared the floor when any aggressive male vocals came across the speakers. I found it really funny because most of today’s Pop Dance Hits are a female vocal and some male rapper over a throwback MK production from the 90’s. But in their defense the demographic for that night was early 30 year olds to mid 40 year olds. Lesbians and Gays in their 20’s have no problem with hits like “Dance Again” by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull. And “Wild Ones” by Flo-Rida and Sia always seems to get my floor going. It all reminds me of the problems I had when I became the first (and I believe the last) African-American DJ at The Monster in the West Village. The owner hated Hip Hop (if it was being played by someone black…he was okay with his latino DJ playing older commercial Hip Hop), but I knew that Pop Music was heading in this direction. Hell, even Willie Nelson just recorded a pro-cannabis duet with Snoop Dogg called “Roll Me Up”. And don’t be surprised if Taylor Swift eventually does a track with Kanye West. Why not? If it wasn’t for him interrupting her speech at the MTV awards, she would not have blown up like she did. I mean she’s a cute songwriter, but c’mon!

And like Justin Bieber, she’s gonna discover her crotch sooner or later. She’ll have to break the “good girl image” sooner or later. Remember when Ms. Jackson went from “Rhythm Nation” to “Janet”. Titties out and throbing on records. And watch Justin’s video for “Boyfriend”. He grabs his crotch about 5 times in the first 45 seconds.

One of my album picks by Rihanna was “Where Have You Been” when I got an advance copy of her latest CD. So, it was nice to see that once it was released as a single that it did well. It’s a shame that her little publicity stunt with Chris Brown earlier this year has cost her the relationship she had with mentor, Jay Z. It has been reported that after the remix of “Birthday Cake” was released, Mr. Carter and Beyonce decided that Rihanna was not the type of girl they wanted around their new daughter. And I wonder if it was worth it. Especially since Chris Brown has recently dissed her and called her a “bitch” on the remix of “Theraflu”. She unfollowed him on twitter and he continues to bad mouth her. Probably because the stunt didn’t help him at all. It just brought everything back up times two. Yo Chris…you beat up a girl! No one is gonna give you a pass on that. Except those stupid hoes who tweeted that you could beat them up anyday.

But before I go, I have to share with you the track that I am lovin’ right now. The Ron Trent Mix of “Spring Summer Feeling” by Jill Scott. This is the perfect track to get your Urban FLRT on! It’s got that Body & Soul vibe that I have been missing with a twist of sass. Not too fast and definitely not too slow. It brings to the mind a warm summer afternoon on the roof of your building with a big pitcher of whatevah refreshes you. Welcome back, Jill!

Tonight, June 4th, I am making my second guest appearance at FML Mondays here in Toronto. For those of you who can’t be at this event, I have included a free download for you to sample my playlist for this evening.

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