Do You Have A Sweetheart?


Most of the time the average individual would assume the question is referring to a spouse, significant other, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. However after one of my ministers from Unity of New York asked the question this past Sunday, I clearly have a new outlook regarding the question. The message from Sunday resonated with me and is the reason why I am writing this post.

After a brief survey that included audience participation, it was clear that the minister was showing us how funny it is that we immediately think we’re being asked if we have a special someone in our lives. No, the question does not pertain to a love interest; the question refers to “YOU” and whether or not you as an individual have a sweet heart.

People in relationships nowadays are either dating someone who has a bitter heart, an angry heart, or no heart at all. It’s a horrible feeling when you’re in a relationship and you don’t even like the person you are with. I believe when it comes to love, love is not supposed to hurt.

When you grow up having a sweet heart you’re told to toughen up and be strong or suffer being taken advantage of. Having a sweet heart, therefore, is not a good thing. In reality, however, having a sweet heart allows us to be more receptive and open to love. It also allows us to be more willing to accept others for who they are and it allows us to grow as individuals.

As we celebrate a day filled with chocolate hearts, roses and the “Will you be mine?” let’s all reflect and remember that giving and receiving love goes beyond February 14. Showing and expressing love to someone that we are blessed with should happen 365 days and not just on a man-made holiday. If you’re lucky to have someone in your life that you love, the most important fact about keeping that love fresh and new is just being nice to one another.

Whether you have a special someone in your life or not, the bottom line is having a sweet heart means you are a person who believes in love and continues to love.

Do YOU have a sweetheart?