First Date – What Not to Wear

First dates can induce mixed feelings of intimidation, nausea and excitement, leaving us in a ball of nerves. Will he like me? Will I be able to think of an interesting date to go on? Should I offer to pay? And the most common question of all: what should I wear on a first date? It could determine whether or not you secure a second, so giving it some thought is definitely allowed!

Wearing the right outfit will not only make you feel confident, but it will also ensure you make a good impression so the only thing you have to worry about is having loads of fun. Paranoia when it comes to clothes can completely break us down if we aren’t careful. Thinking about what we wear can invoke fears – will he think I’m easy if I wear something revealing? Or will he think I’m too conservative if I don’t? And what if I wear something funky and he instantly thinks I’m too trendy for him?

Wearing something new is great but be truthful with yourself and don’t get caught out. You see that swanky dress but it’s a shade too tight. You love the tight dress. You try on the tight dress. Then you get into the fitting room and realise it’s a bit snug and you need your friend to zip you in. You think to yourself maybe you can pull it off… until you eat that is.

You may be contemplating high heels. You step into a new pair of high heels and feel like you’re on top of the world. You wear them on your first date because they make you feel confident and sexy. Then you begin walking like Bambi and end up having to ask your date to slow down. Not an ideal start! To avoid blisters and cuts, and embarrassing yourself, you should walk around the house in your new shoes to wear them in. This will help you walk with ease when you wear the shoes on date number two.

There’s no point turning up in high heels and a little black dress if it’s only going to make you worry. If you’re meeting someone you found on one of the many popular dating sites, it’s probably best to pull out that trusty old pair of jeans and slip on a flattering and Flirtatious-T to show off your sexy side. Jeans are a great compromise – they are casual but can be dressed up to suit the mood. First impressions do count when it comes to compatibility, and with a flirty t-shirt and a well-fitted pair of jeans, he won’t be able to resist. Something fun like this gives the impression of a happy, energetic and warm person – attributes most single people are looking for in a partner. So leave that orange Lycra number that leaves nothing to the imagination and those tartan trousers you last wore in 1992 in the wardrobe – you’ll be thankful you did. Oh, and if you have these items in your wardrobe, you’d better get a second opinion from a friend over a glass of wine!

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