Harmless or Indecent Flirting

Harmless or Indecent Flirting

Do you feel uncomfortable dating someone who loves to flirt? Do you believe flirting is a harmless act or Pandora’s box to an indecent proposal? Are you in a committed relationship and think it’s okay to flirt?

There is a large population that consider flirting to be an innocent gesture since the primary focus is less on the intent rather than the possible outcome. I think we all can agree, if someone is flirting with the intent to score someone’s number, a date, or even sleep with someone, that’s giving flirting a bad name.

I believe flirting is a healthy form of interaction, especially when you’re in a relationship. Relationships have their low periods and during those periods I believe individuals seek validation from others. I like to refer to it as the “Dater’s Test-Drive.” A test-drive to make sure the parts still work. Flirting allows us to uncover if we’re still sexy, desirable and importantly, marketable. It gives us the strength to face the challenges of being in a relationship.

Alternatively, it allows us to appreciate our single days (minus the headaches of being single and looking for love). If done correctly, flirting is an act that will usually have you appreciating your relationship. It’s also reassurance for some of us, during the low period of our relationship, that we still have it!

It’s the daily grind that causes us to fall into the trip to flirt while we’re in a relationship. We become bored and we crave the electric energy of being single. We want to be reminded of our youth, the freedom we had, and the lack of responsibility, sex appeal! When you put it like that, “Who wouldn’t want to flirt!?”

Flirting is meant to be fun and innocent. However, if someone in a relationship flirts, it implies they’re over the relationship, they don’t find their partner attractive anymore, or it’s a sign they’re cheating. Exactly the reason flirting has been given a bad name. I say it all depends on the person and the situation.

In the dictionary flirting has a few definitions, however the one that stood out was following: “To show superficial or casual intent.”

If we give flirting back its innocence, I believe we’ll begin to recognize an influx of more stable and healthier relationships.

Lately, I am have been inspired by some of the things Wendy Williams says on her talk show. Several of my recent “AHA” moments have come from her. Just the other day, I was inspired to write this post when I heard her say to an audience member, during her “Ask Wendy” segment, “There is nothing wrong with flirting but don’t let it bite you in the behind!” Enough said!

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