I’m Dating Me


One of my missions in life is to inspire you, motivate you and encourage you to love “YOU.”

When was the last time you cooked a meal at home for yourself and you took the time to present it to yourself in the same fashion they do when you treat yourself to a meal out? If you haven’t dined out lately or can respond, “Not in a while,”, I recommend you do. It’s the simplest way to show and ultimately prove to yourself that you love “YOU.”

Now you ask, how does this apply to dating and my answer, “How can you love someone else when you don’t love yourself?” It’s the motto I believe is the foundation necessary to become successful in all aspects of your life and especially when it comes to dating. Plus, I believe a person who inspires others, encourages and wants to motivate others to date smart… date for success has to not only talk the talk but walk the walk and show others that they are practicing what they preach!

I have a new motto, “I Date With Me in Mind.”