It’s Never Too Late to Love Again


It’s Never Too Late to Freely Live Real & True

As I sit here in the dark preparing for bed, my thoughts begin to collect like words on the pages of a history book. If you personally know me, you know I’ve NEVER been considered an insightful person, however as of late I have built a library worth of knowledge on becoming an insightful, loving, lovable and mature person. My life experiences, spiritual growth, the years driven by time and my newly tight hold of my ego have allowed me to trust the new pages of my life and the knowledge that have been injected into my eyes and heart; an injection that has filled my mind, body and soul. It’s an injection of power only superheroes are granted.

“Is It Too Late” is a song I am addicted to. This song is the reason I am falling in love with myself once again every minute. “Is It Too Late” by Krystal Monique takes on a life of it’s own; a life that reminds me I am not perfect and still a work in progress. Although, the song takes on several meanings for me it’s inspiring me to write and believe in myself once again and the blissful life I am manifesting. At first when you listen to the song you might think my revelation is about a lost relationship. In some way you are correct but not totally accurate. The song’s meaning in my life is not about the obvious. My recent revelation is about the lost relationship with myself. As I listen to the words to the song, thoughts about moments past rush back. It was a time in my life I believed and felt I was lost. My reflection in the mirror brought so much pain. I no longer recognized who I was. I had taken on so many faces; faces of pain that were unable to love, trust or believe in the power within themselves. Those faces lead me down dark and lonely roads. I began to solely concentrate on all my faults instead of the good, creating a wall of despair and doubt.

After a recent failed relationship and the experience of it, I gained an understanding how negative energy from another can give a person the illusion of despair and heartache. That relationship and experience gave me deeper insight into who I am and what I strive to be. It was only today I realized that it was my ego reacting and behaving in a matter focused on the rejection from another and not the knowing my spiritual side provides that allowed me to fall. Funny, my spiritual side was never involved with all the negative thoughts. Krystal Monique’s “Is It Too Late” has enabled me to see beyond the hurt defined by my ego and see the layers of compassion I should have for those who cross my path who behave, feel or act as if they’re not enough.

Several years ago, I felt lost because I had the false belief that my failures in life defined me. I would always ask myself, is it too late for me to make a change. Improving ones life can be challenging and somewhat frightening because of the unknown. The lyrics within the song awoke a part of me I thought was dead and never going to resurface. “I love you and I believe that their could be another chance for us again. Is it too late to tell you how I feel? Is it too late?” These words sparked a fire within me to say it’s never too late to say how you feel. We walk through life thinking and waiting for others to save us but we must admit to ourselves and accept we’re responsible for the energy we bring into our own mind, body, and spirit (space).

“Is It Too Late” is a song that beat me down only to bring me back up. It’s never too late to make your life work. Even when you think the happiness of you is gone that doesn’t mean your time has run out. You make it work. If I knew what I know now, “I love you” is so powerful. You are so special.. The moments you’ve shared with yourself are fresh in your mind but somewhere along the way you were no longer close. You’ve grown apart but I am here to tell you that it’s never too late. The ultimate question I asked myself for years “SAVED” me; is it too late? If you’re in doubt or question my belief, it’s okay but keep the question in mind because I believe the answer will always circle back to “YOU” and the strength that lives within you!

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  1. Elizabeth Robertson

    That is a beautiful peace that you wrote and it is very true , you have to have the strength to get on with your own life and love yourself. I love you Mr Wesley

  2. Mark Ross

    Yes, I am familiar with her. She is an Indie Artist from Ohio and she is quite spectacular. Good article. Very insightful.

  3. Joyce Warren

    My prayer for you is that you receive all the riches the universe has to offer. I was so impressed reading this article that all I kept saying was “yea, that’s my son, isn’t he smart”. Son, continue along this path for I am certain that there are many blessings out there with your name on them!!!!! Love you

  4. Kim Sweettee Walters

    Thank you Corey Wesley for this article…. you are always on point… Your words was what i needed to read this morning as i got my day started… you are soooo rite …It is never too late…. Re -energized and focused …. have a great day…

  5. Kammie Simmons

    I absolutely love this song and I love her. Congrats KM on the great review! Thank you Corey for covering our hometown Diva

  6. Paula

    Corey, this is a wonderful article and a beautiful song. Sometimes we have to encourage ourselves. Thank you for the words of inspiration.

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