Ridiculous Questions People Ask Gay Men

The Ridiculous Question People Ask Gay Men Hate

Do people treat you like you’re their personal sex advisor? Do friends suggest you’re the slut of the group? Do your straight friends have the run of the butts? Are you sick and tired of all the gay questions?

The next friend of mine who asks me about anal sex I am going to snap, crackle and pop with out the milk, just like a fire-crotch.

Do people understand what it means to be gay? Do they really think because someone is gay that we all know what a person should do to prepare for anal sex?

First of all, why are you asking!  Secondly, all gay men do not have anal sex or how to prepare for it correctly.  Believe me, it’s not a topic I want to discuss; so please stop asking!

Plus, if you’ve been hanging out with a gay counterpart for a while surely you’re familiar with the many gay sex roles: Top, Bottom, Versatile and those who proclaim they perform “only” oral, whatever!  It’s not an appropriate question to ask a gay man.

I know having a gay friend is trendy these days but I doubt they applied to become your personal anal sex guru.  If you need more information, visit www.runofthebutts.com. (It’s something I made up!) That means stop asking!

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