Saturday Morning With Soul Train

It’s Saturday Morning and the first thing I do before I do anything is either turn on the radio or blast my own music the first day of the weekend. Ironically, last night I had a dream about Soul Train. If you’re from the generation, you used to wake up Saturday morning with excitement because your favorite musician was appearing on Soul Train. In the early 70’s, I believe music was a part of everyone’s household in the morning.

Don Cornelius, may he rest in peace, created a foundation and platform for African-Americans to showcase their talents. However, this morning I realized he did more than that. If you’re like me you probably feel the same way, Saturday mornings are not complete without music. Whether you’re getting dressed for the day, cleaning the house or lounging around the house on a Saturday morning, I believe Soul Train is the reason I include music in my Saturday routine.

It’s strange that I never thought “Soul Train” had that much of an impact on my life until my dream last night. I dreamt I was dancing down the Soul Train line doing the hustle. I believe Soul Train is not just a piece of pop culture and history but a Saturday Love. Saturday will never be the same but thanks to Don Cornelius as young children we were introduced to music and without us knowing it he instilled in all of us the love of music. “Peace, Love & Soul.”

In honor of Soul Train, Don Cornelius and Saturday mornings here is a song I listen to every Saturday that reminds of Soul Train. The song is called, “Breakfast” by Le Le It’s a sound I believe is unique and one you would of discovered while watching Soul Train Saturday morning while having breakfast.

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