Sex Talk


Do you think lovemaking is an art or a necessary evil? Do you avoid discussing sex with your partner like the plague? In a new a relationship do you struggle with when it’s appropriate to discuss sex? Are you contemplating about revealing important facts about yourself before having sex with someone? Do you frequently ask yourself, when, where, how?

I have discovered that people are lost in the department of “pillow talk.” Even though we live in a society where “Sex Sells,” it is still a topic most find difficult and uncomfortable. And in some cases people are actually playing a game of Russian roulette by not talking about sex. Many are quick to say sex is one of the most important elements for having a successful and healthy relationship but don’t talk enough about it. So why is talking about sex so taboo?

After having several conversations with various people from all walks of life, I learned that they all had one thing in common, a fear of discussing sex with their partner or their potential sex partner. People are too wrapped up in the immediacy of the action.

In an era with an influx of dating and hook-up sites, I believe lovemaking is no longer viewed as an art form and a sensual connection between two people. Rather the term lovemaking has been replaced with words, like “one-nighter,” “sex,” and “booty-call.” How romantic is that?!

If you recall my post, “You’re a Masterpiece” I wrote that your partner should treat you like you are their masterpiece. Why not treat sex like something that is also priceless? Frequently we lose sight of what it takes to make a relationship work. It definitely isn’t all about the sex. Lovemaking is an art, where there should be lots of wooing, embracing, touching, eye contact, and kissing, not just a simple “wham, bam thank you ma’am!” Relationships have various levels to intimacy but they can only grow into something special if you nurture it from the beginning by taking control and making it more of an experience rather than an act of decadence.

From my recent conversations I felt it was time for me to come to the rescue and bring lovemaking back! It came to me as I was walking past the Museum of Sex. I thought to myself, “WOW! That’s it!” A trip to the Museum of Sex would be the perfect icebreaker for those struggling with the when and how to bring up a very awkward topic like sex. Especially for those who may have to revel something personal, like their HIV/AIDS status. The Museum of Sex is not just about sex but the evolution and history of sex. Now, if that doesn’t lead to some interesting conversation at lunch or dinner, then I give up!

For those that may not have a Museum of Sex in their town, here’s what I suggest. Go on a shopping trip with your partner, but during your trip, don’t forget to stop by the lingerie department or the underwear department. It’s always fun to find out what your partner prefers. Get the point?

Dating can be filled with many twist and turns but when you take control it’s worth the ride! Hmm…that sounds naughty! See it’s working already. Remember

Date Smart… Date for Success!