Sneakers Start a Fashion Wardrobe

Sneakers Start a Fashion Wardrobe

For years fashion has been associated with Paris, New York fashion week, Milan, and the woman walking down the catwalk in designer couture dresses. Although in recent years, the image of fashion has changed and now includes the male image. Today, men are seen as fashion plates just like their female counterparts. Honestly, I believe that’s when the term metro-sexual was born, becoming a very popular term within our society.

Metro-sexual is a reference that is heavily used to describe a straight man who I believe has successfully embraced his masculinity and expresses it with his fashion and style. Strangely, since the birth of the metro-sexual, men are more fashion conscience and concerned with their appearance. In New York City the metro-sexual has mastered colors, coordinating colors, and has successfully achieved the new fashion craze, color-blocking.

However, there are still a handful of men in the world who are still struggling with the term fashion and have no clue what style means. It equates to having no sense of style. When it comes down to it, whether gay or straight a guy without a clue.

Nevertheless fashion is about self-expression and I believe I have a simple answer for the guy with no clue. Start your fashion wardrobe with a cool pair of colorful sneakers from Nike. Guys relate to sneakers and when it comes to fashion, sneakers have become stylish. With a stylish pair of sneakers worn with a pair of Levis jeans, a fraternity inspired  t-shirt from Mu Gamma Mu and a cool blazer or hoody, a guy who was once throwing foul ball in fashion and sitting on the sidelines is suddenly fashionable and throwing 3-pointers.

Building an outfit around his sneaker is the easiest and simplest way for a guy to become a style fashion icon.

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