The Serial Cyberspace Dater


Are you feeling like you’re dating Mr. Cyberspace? Are you being played like you’re one of the characters in the Sims? Is it time for you to block Mr. Cyberspace from your life?

My mother always said, “If a man says he is a dog, believe him.”

If you need help figuring out if you’re dating Mr. Wrong for you who is trapped in a game of Guitar Hero’s World Tour. Here is what you do:

First, check out various dating, hook-up and sex sites. Mr. Cyberspace Dater suffers from severe DDH (Deaf, Dumb and Horny). They use the same picture across multiple sites.

For maximum exposure, research shows those suffering from severe DDH generally sign-up on at least 3 different sites. Let’s go over them:

Site & Profile #1
Sane, mature and looking for friends (I refer to this as the flirty not dirty profile)

Site & Profile #2
Looking for a meaningful relationship but until then having fun (This one is the I don’t know what I want profile)

Site & Profile #3
I’ll leave this one for your imagination but it’s the naughty one. I’m sure you know what I am talking about. (I’m a slut and proud of it profile. I love that one!)

Second, if you and Mr. Cyberspace met on one of these sites chances are they are dumb enough to use the same screen-name. Remember, they have severe DDH they don’t give a damn so search baby search!

The third and final step is, casually email friends showing off your fun weekend with your new boy-toy because friends are like virus protection. They will tell you right away, “Oh, I’ve seen him on various sites”, see how simple! Now you know.

If this sounds like your man, I hate to say it, its time for the Click, Drag, Delete!