DJ Relentless Celebrates Obama’s Announcement


I don’t know if you had childhood experiences like mine, but when I was a young boy in my neighborhood there was always an instigator when it came to fights. There was always somebody standing there saying “The baddest man hit man hand” or they would draw a line in the sand and dare anyone to cross it. Well this past weekend, Joe Biden was that instigator. His candid expression of support for Gay Marriage really set things into motion.

Unfortunately, his words probably pushed the North Carolina election in the wrong direction. But it also put President Obama on the hot seat. He had to put up or shut up. And man oh man….did he put up! On May 9th, 2012 President Obama officailly changed his stance on Same-Sex Marriage in an interview on ABC News. Which is really funny after Jon Stewart and The Daily Show pulled up a document from the 90’s where he supported it the night before. You gotta love that show! Between Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert it must be a tough political landscape to navigate when these two have the resources to dig up whatever skeletons that you might have in your closet.

So, the line has been drawn in the sand. This fight is gonna go to the Supreme Court and be decided once and for all. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court as of late has not been very liberal in their decisions. So, I don’t have my hopes very high, but I do see this as an important victory. And that’s why I had to express my celebration in a Pre-Pride Celebration Mix with many of the artists who have been allies in our fight.

RELENTLESS PRIDE MIX (Obama’s Announcement) 5-9-12

I Was Born This Way (Gomi’s Tribute Mix)-Carl Bean

Express This Way (DJ Mike D Remix)-Madonna vs. Lady GaGa

I’m Coming Out (Almighty Mix)-Diana Ross

Show Me Love (The Lisa Marie Experience Vocal)-Robin S.

One Love (Chuckie Remix)-David Guetta featuring Estelle & Fatman Scoop

World Hold On (Club Mix)-Bob Sinclair featuring Steve Edwards

Free (Bob Sinclair Remix)-Ultra Nate

We Can Make It Happen (Original Mix)-Stan Courtois featuring MJ White

People Are People (Guiseppe D’s Club Mix)-RuPaul featuring Tom Trujilio

Let The Rain Fall (Electro Preacher Mix)-Daniel Kingley featuring DJ Relentless

Follow Me (Album Version)-Colton Ford

Feel What You Want (Bingo Players Remix)-Kristine W.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (Antonio & Andreas Remix)-RLP featuring Barbara Tucker

A Deeper Love (Club Mix)-Clivilles & Cole featuring Deborah Cooper